So why blog?  Teachers are busy, I mean busy, busy! Do we really have time for one more activity? Probably not! But I’ll tell you, I am frustrated! I am really, really, frustrated with the results I am getting in my 7th grade classroom right now.  So I am looking at questions for which I have few answers at the present time.  I have ideas, and I am learning more daily, but I have not been able to transform these ideas into answers to my issues and the issues of my students.

I am doing this for me.  I have no visions of grandeur that somehow I am going to change the world or even change my school district or my campus.  But perhaps I can find a way to change my thinking and my classroom to lessen the frustration I am feeling.

I plan to blog my thoughts and ideas here as I move through this evolution to transform my classroom into something more effective.  I have hundreds if not thousands of thoughts and ideas as it relates to teaching and education in general. The experts say (whoever the experts are) that blogging is good therapy.  So maybe by writing my thoughts and reflecting on my classroom and my actions, I’ll at least feel better.  And maybe it will help me organize some of these random thoughts into actions.


About Mr. M.

Searching for the elusive effective math classroom.
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